Trimming Your Goat’s Hooves

Boer Goat Head

Hoof trimming – one of the least favorite jobs to successfully raising goats, but one that is necessary.  Without a doubt, hoof trimming is an acquired skill that takes quite a bit of practice to perfect. Hooves that are overgrown will turn under around the sides and grow out in front like elf shoes. A […]

The Best Plants for the Chicken Run

chickens in their chicken coop with green plants

Are you trying to keep your hens busy and engaged when they can’t free range? Find out which plants are best to let them forage happily from the safety of their run.  In this article, you’ll learn which plants are safe for your hens to eat, which can provide health benefits, which attract or repel […]

Caring for a Pregnant Rabbit

Baby rabbits in a nesting box

Facts About Pregnancy and Parturition Rabbits can become reproductively mature in as little as 12 weeks. Small/dwarf type breeds tend to mature quicker than large/giant type breeds. Once sexually mature, female rabbits are receptive to breeding every two weeks. Rather than having a heat cycle, ovulation is triggered by the act of copulation. Gestation usually […]

Everything To Know About Weaning Piglets

Piglets feeding in a nursery

One of the most critical times in a pig’s life is weaning. They are often moved to a new environment, given new roommates and transitioned from milk to solid feed for the first time. All of these changes at one time can be very stressful for a young pig. It is estimated that a 1-pound […]

Safe Treats for Your Goats

Kalmbach Goat Article May 24th, 2022

While a goat’s diet should be primarily good quality forage and a fortified feed or mineral product, treats are something you can use to build a bond with your goat. Watching them enthusiastically munch on treats is also a rewarding experience as a goat owner. Here are a few things that are important to think about when […]

Nutritional Needs of Mixed Flocks with Baby Birds

Baby chicks, ducks, turkeys and geese in the grass

I’m sure we have all wondered if a flock feed is the right choice for our birds.  Or, maybe you went to your local feed store to get chicks and ended up with a few baby ducks in the mix too.  That may have made you wonder, “What feed is best for my flock now?”  […]

Mineral Management for Grazing Beef Cattle

Four Black Beef Cattle on Pasture

Mineral supplementation is an important part of a grazing beef cattle diet. Adequate mineral supply encourages a healthy immune response, weight gain in calves, and reproductive efficiency. When cattle are grazing, they require different mineral concentrations compared with grain-fed cattle. These requirements are partially dependent on the quality of the pasture, although most free-choice minerals […]

How Do Chickens Digest Whole Grains?

two baby chicks next to each other with green background

Chick season is in full swing and my new group of babies is starting strong on our brand new Chickhouse Reserve™.  Chickhouse Reserve™ is a very unique chick starter/grower feed because it is loaded with wholesome ingredients.  It is nutrition that you can see.  Such a unique chick feed definitely begs the question, “How do […]

The Complete Guide To Building A Chicken Coop

red and white chicken coop

Building a chicken coop is about as straightforward and as complicated as any other carpentry project, with the added concern that this structure is intended to house living things. As such, the stakes are higher to get things right. The perfect chicken coop should be spacious and well-outfitted, which will keep your hens happy and […]

The Differences Between Medicated vs. Non-Medicated Chick Feed

Up-close photo of four chicks outside huddled together

You have committed! You’re going to become a first-time chicken keeper or expand your current flock. You set up your brooder and you’re ready to pick up your baby chicks. You read our “How to Feed Baby Chicks” article and now you just need to pick up a bag of chick feed. What should you […]