Common Eggshell Defects – Cracks and Checks

a chicken egg with a check defect

With the daylight increasing every day, egg production from our girls should start to increase, too.  Today, we are going to talk about a common eggshell defect, why it may happen, and how to prevent it, if we can. Eggshell Cracks and Checks Backyard poultry owners are familiar with broken eggshells.  However, there are two […]

Nutritional Needs of Ducks and Geese

ducks and geese walking together

As backyard poultry flocks expand and the types of poultry that we love become more diverse, you may wonder about the unique nutritional requirements of ducks and geese. Most ducks and geese are omnivores. The vast majority of their nutrition comes from their duck feed and plant sources. However, they will eat insects, fish, and […]

Collecting Eggs in the Winter & Handling Frozen Eggs

women in purple coat and gloves collecting chicken eggs during winter

Winter is a natural time for some older hens to slow or cease egg production.  However, if your hens are still blessing you with beautiful fresh eggs this winter, you may wonder if there are any special storage or safety tips to consider when collecting and storing eggs during cold weather.  Today, we are going […]

Winter Treats and Holiday Goodies for Your Flock

white silkie chicken wearing christmas hat

The Christmas season is right around the corner and most of us look forward to some yummy food and a chance to celebrate the season.  Gift giving is another common practice this time of year and our furry and feathered friends are often on our gift lists!  Today, we are going to talk about some […]

Egg Production Expectations During the “Off” Season

Laying hen free ranging during the fall

Fall is molting season for poultry.  A molt is a natural process in which hens will begin to lose and then regenerate new feathers and many hens will stop laying eggs.  Depending on where you live, molting may start as early as August or as late as November.  Most of us are going to be […]

October Is National Pork Month!

Kalmbach Feeds swine research facility in ohio

On behalf of celebrating this month, we wanted to say “hello” and introduce you to our growing swine team here at Kalmbach Feeds. Our main goal at Kalmbach Feeds is to provide the most innovative, quality pig feeds and technical services to our dealers and pig owners. We have a great swine nutrition team that […]

Protein – Can You Have Too Much of a Good Thing?

kalmbach feeds 17% layer chicken feed, full plume molting feed and henhouse reserve chicken feed in a wagon

Fall is molting season for poultry, and it is very common to hear a lot of discussion about protein in poultry diets while our chickens are molting.  Today, we are going to talk about protein, how much protein chickens actually need, and then discuss what happens if we give too much of a good thing.   […]

Henopause – How Does A Hen’s Age Affect Egg Production?

Flock of backyard chickens and hens free ranging

Henopause.  It’s a funny play on words, but thinking about how a hen ages can help us understand how this critical factor affects egg production and the health and vitality of our senior girls!  Egg Production is Reproduction Egg production is reproduction.  Over the years, this has become my mantra!  I find myself repeating “Egg […]