Henopause – How Does A Hen’s Age Affect Egg Production?

Flock of backyard chickens and hens free ranging

Henopause.  It’s a funny play on words, but thinking about how a hen ages can help us understand how this critical factor affects egg production and the health and vitality of our senior girls!  Egg Production is Reproduction Egg production is reproduction.  Over the years, this has become my mantra!  I find myself repeating “Egg […]

How Does Heat Stress Affect Egg Production?

barred rock hen in nesting box laying an egg

Baby, it’s hot outside!  With soaring summer temperatures in many regions, the effect of heat stress on your hens can be very concerning.  We recently wrote about how chickens regulate their body temperature and today we are going to talk about what happens when your hens are stressed by the hot weather. What is the Ideal […]

Understanding the Change in a Pullet’s Body Before She Begins Laying

young boy outside with chickens free ranging

Did you get new chicks this spring?  If so, your new chicks are probably entering their teenage period or are just beginning to mature into adult layers.  The period right before a new pullet starts to lay eggs is generally referred to as Pre-Lay.  This period in a pullet’s life is similar to the onset […]

What to Expect When Your New Chicks Start Laying Eggs

young boy collecting chicken eggs from chicken coop

If you invested in some baby chicks this spring, it’s time to start watching your nesting boxes!  Finding the first egg from a group of new pullets is one of the most exciting parts of poultry keeping.  Whether this is your first flock or your 100th flock, finding that first egg is so exciting EVERY […]

How Do Chickens Regulate Their Temperature?

several backyard laying chickens gathered around waterer

Summer is approaching and pretty soon we will all be working hard to beat the heat.  This includes our feathered friends as well.  Today we are going to discuss how chickens regulate their body temperature and some of the best ways we can help them deal with hot summer weather.   How Do Chickens Regulate Their […]

How to Introduce New Chickens to Your Flock

barred rock hen eating chicken feed with lavender orphington hen in another coop

If you decided to expand your flock this year, you may be wondering about the best way to introduce new chickens to your feathered family.  Today, we are going to discuss some of the best practices for introducing new chicks, or new adult birds, to your existing flock.  We are also going to discuss some […]

The Ins and Outs of Feeding Silkies

silkie chicken standing in front of a bale of straw in a chicken coop

Do Silkies need a specialized diet?  That can be a complicated question and the answer often depends on your goals for the Silkies in your flock.  Silkies can make a fun addition to any poultry flock.  They are calm and friendly birds covered in fluffy, unique feathers.  However, due to some quirks in their behavior […]

Free Choice Mineral Management for Grazing Beef Cattle

Four Black Beef Cattle on Pasture

Mineral supplementation is an important part of grazing beef cattle nutrition. Adequate mineral supply encourages a healthy immune response, weight gain in calves, and reproductive efficiency. When cattle are grazing, they require different mineral concentrations compared with grain-fed cattle. These requirements are partially dependent on the quality of the pasture, although most free-choice minerals are […]

When Can Baby Chicks Go Outside?

baby chicks outside in the grass foraging

You finally took the leap and added some new chicks to your flock or family.  Now you may be wondering when those new babies can start enjoying the great outdoors.  Today, we are going to discuss some guidelines and tips for success when your new chicks are ready to go outside.  We are also going […]

How to Determine Female vs. Male Chicks

backyard chicks eating chickhouse reserve chick feed out of a chicken feeder

Most backyard chicken keepers are interested in establishing layer flocks.  For that reason, female chicks are in much higher demand than male chicks.  Determining the sex of chicks can often be difficult.  Because the sex organs of chickens are located inside their body, it is often not obvious if you have a female or a […]