Free Choice Mineral Management for Grazing Beef Cattle

Four Black Beef Cattle on Pasture

Mineral supplementation is an important part of grazing beef cattle nutrition. Adequate mineral supply encourages a healthy immune response, weight gain in calves, and reproductive efficiency. When cattle are grazing, they require different mineral concentrations compared with grain-fed cattle. These requirements are partially dependent on the quality of the pasture, although most free-choice minerals are […]

Tips for Traveling with Your Show Cattle

youth boys exhibiting their show cattle at a show

One of the most stressful things about showing cattle can be keeping them on feed and hydrated when traveling to shows. Everything else might be as good as can be – the calf looks great, their hair is in good shape, they’re clipped out to the max, you have an awesome fitting crew lined up […]

Creep Feeding Show Calves

show cattle out on pasture

Each summer, our family brings in a group of calves to sell for kids to buy for their next 4-H project and show season. The calves come from a variety of farms, and often have had a huge difference in how they were started. It’s not hard to tell which ones have been pampered and […]