The Best Plants for the Chicken Run

chickens in their chicken coop with green plants

Are you trying to keep your hens busy and engaged when they can’t free range? Find out which plants are best to let them forage happily from the safety of their run.  In this article, you’ll learn which plants are safe for your hens to eat, which can provide health benefits, which attract or repel […]

Nutritional Needs of Mixed Flocks with Baby Birds

Baby chicks, ducks, turkeys and geese in the grass

I’m sure we have all wondered if a flock feed is the right choice for our birds.  Or, maybe you went to your local feed store to get chicks and ended up with a few baby ducks in the mix too.  That may have made you wonder, “What feed is best for my flock now?”  […]

How Do Chickens Digest Whole Grains?

two baby chicks next to each other with green background

Chick season is in full swing and my new group of babies is starting strong on our brand new Chickhouse Reserve™.  Chickhouse Reserve™ is a very unique chick starter/grower feed because it is loaded with wholesome ingredients.  It is nutrition that you can see.  Such a unique chick feed definitely begs the question, “How do […]

The Complete Guide To Building A Chicken Coop

red and white chicken coop

Building a chicken coop is about as straightforward and as complicated as any other carpentry project, with the added concern that this structure is intended to house living things. As such, the stakes are higher to get things right. The perfect chicken coop should be spacious and well-outfitted, which will keep your hens happy and […]

The Differences Between Medicated vs. Non-Medicated Chick Feed

Up-close photo of four chicks outside huddled together

You have committed! You’re going to become a first-time chicken keeper or expand your current flock. You set up your brooder and you’re ready to pick up your baby chicks. You read our “How to Feed Baby Chicks” article and now you just need to pick up a bag of chick feed. What should you […]

Mixed Flock 101: Can You Raise Ducks & Chickens Together?

chicks and ducks in the grass

Haven’t we all been tempted?  You have done your research.  You know what types of chicks that you are going to get.  You go to the farm store to get your new babies and you see the bin of baby ducks.  They are so cute so you start to wonder if you should get a […]

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Baby Chicks

Two little girls with baby chicks in a bucket

The season is upon us. While my gardening friends are all flipping through their seed catalogs, I am studying hatchery websites and excitedly waiting to hear the loud peeps of new chicks as they arrive at my local farm store! Whether you intend to purchase from a hatchery, incubate, or let your broody mommas do […]

How Old Do Chickens Have to Be to Lay Eggs?

Hand holding eggs laid by chickens

If you invested in some baby chicks this past fall, you may be wondering where that first egg is. Finding the first egg from a group of new pullets is one of the most exciting parts of raising chickens for eggs. Whether this is your first flock or your 100th flock, finding that first egg […]

How To Feed Your Baby Chicks

two baby chicks outside in a feed pan

Peep, peep.  Spring always brings a much-needed feeling of renewal and growth.  Whether you are starting a new flock or hoping to add some youth to an existing flock, spring is the perfect opportunity to get some new chicks.  Picking an appropriate feed is an important step in ensuring that your new chicks get off […]

Winter Boredom Busters

Winter can often be the most difficult season for backyard poultry owners.  The mud and the manure can quickly turn your happy little run into a muddy and slippery mess.  I often tell my husband that I wish the temperature would drop to about 25oF and then just stay there.  I much prefer colder temperatures […]

Women holding a chick

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