Rooster Nutrition – It Isn’t All About the Hens

a rooster

What Do I Feed My Rooster? It wasn’t very long ago that the primary focus of most poultry flocks, including backyard flocks, was the egg!  To maximize egg production, we focused heavily on hen nutrition.  If your flock had a rooster, his specific nutrient needs probably weren’t top priority and he was usually fed the […]

Are Essential Oils Good for Chickens?

woman pouring henhouse reserve chicken feed from a scoop into a feeder

Whether you are new on your poultry-keeping journey or you have been keeping birds for decades, raising backyard chickens can bring so much enjoyment and reward to your life.  As backyard poultry keepers, feeding our chickens can be as easy or as in-depth as we choose.  With so many options on the market today, it […]

Do I Need to Heat My Coop in the Winter?

chicken in chicken coop in the winter

With the fall season in full swing, many of us are getting ready for the cold winter months. I am often asked about heating coops in the winter. Long story, short – I personally do not heat my coop in the winter and I generally do not recommend heating coops in the winter. Let’s talk […]

Can Chickens Eat Fish? The Complete Guide

up-close photo of red chicken

Are you looking to add protein, calcium, and other nutrients to your flock’s feed? This article has everything you need to know about feeding fish to your chickens.  In this article, you’ll learn the benefits and risks of feeding fish to your chickens, the best and worst species to feed, and how to safely prepare […]

7 Items to Include in Your Chicken First-Aid Kit

barred rock black and white chicken up close

Keeping chickens is a wonderful practice, and the entertainment that they provide is priceless. The vast majority of the time, keeping chickens is pretty easy. When provided with a good quality, complete feed and access to a safe and dry coop, they are generally very easy keepers. However, anytime that you are keeping live animals, […]

The Scoop on Fermenting Chicken Feed

henhouse reserve chicken feed dumped in chicknic table

Fermenting chicken feed has been a hot topic for a few years now. I get asked about it a lot, so let’s dive into what fermentation is and the pros and cons. What is Fermented Chicken Feed? First, I think there is often confusion on what it actually means to ferment. The definition of fermentation […]

How Often Should You Collect Eggs?

person holding eggs

In honor of our Layer Days™ Sweepstakes, let’s talk eggs! I will be the first to admit that I am wildly charmed by the beautiful eggs that my girls provide. I absolutely love the color and size variations and I can’t get enough of the social media pictures that I see of eggs neatly arranged […]

How to Care for a Broody Hen

broody hen laying in a nesting box

What is a Broody Hen? If you have had chickens for a few years, then you have probably had a broody hen or two.  A broody hen is a female bird that has the desire to incubate eggs. Broody hens will find a comfortable place – usually a secure and small space like a nesting […]

What to Feed Laying Hens

chicken eating henhouse reserve chicken feed out of top of feeder

If you scan your local feed store shelves, you may notice that there are quite a few poultry options available.  Sometimes it can be hard to know which product to choose.  Today we are going to discuss some of the specific nutrient requirements of laying hens and break down how to choose the best option […]

5 Unique Reasons Why Having A Dog Will Keep Your Flock Safe

cattle dog watching chickens

When most people think of dogs and chickens being around each other, the first things that comes to mind are images of terrorized chickens and a flurry of teeth and claws chasing them. However, this isn’t always the case. Dogs can be amazingly dutiful protectors to your poultry flock. In many cases, they have no […]