Nutritional Needs of Ducks and Geese

ducks and geese walking together

As backyard poultry flocks expand and the types of poultry that we love become more diverse, you may wonder about the unique nutritional requirements of ducks and geese. Most ducks and geese are omnivores. The vast majority of their nutrition comes from their duck feed and plant sources. However, they will eat insects, fish, and […]

When Can Baby Chicks Go Outside?

baby chicks outside in the grass foraging

You finally took the leap and added some new chicks to your flock or family.  Now you may be wondering when those new babies can start enjoying the great outdoors.  Today, we are going to discuss some guidelines and tips for success when your new chicks are ready to go outside.  We are also going […]

Can Ducks Eat Chicken Feed?

two ducks walking in grass

We receive this question quite frequently at Kalmbach Feeds®. The answer is yes, in most cases. Ducks do have some unique nutritional requirements, but most of those unique requirements are necessary while they are growing. Once ducks reach sexual maturity, they can usually be fed the same thing as your chickens. Let’s dive a little […]

Healthy Treats for Backyard Ducks

two white ducks in grass

Ducks are a wonderful addition to any flock! While raising ducks is very similar to raising chickens, there are some pretty distinct differences in how ducks function and eat. So, that begs the questions, “Can ducks eat the same treats and snacks as chickens?” Absolutely! However, ducks typically have different favorites when compared to chickens. […]

Nutritional Needs of Mixed Flocks with Baby Birds

a chick and a duckling in a field of clover

I’m sure we have all wondered if a flock feed is the right choice for our birds.  Or, maybe you went to your local feed store to get chicks and ended up with a few baby ducks in the mix too.  That may have made you wonder, “What feed is best for my flock now?”  […]

Mixed Flock 101: Can You Raise Ducks & Chickens Together?

chicks and ducks in the grass

Haven’t we all been tempted?  You have done your research.  You know what types of chicks that you are going to get.  You go to the farm store to get your new babies and you see the bin of baby ducks.  They are so cute so you start to wonder if you should get a […]

How to Feed Your Baby Ducks

two ducklings laying in the grass

Very few baby animals are cuter than baby ducks. Baby goats might have a very slight edge on the cuteness scale, but baby ducks are right near the top!! It is really hard to resist baby ducks when we see them in our local farm stores. Their little quacks and their adorable little duck feet […]

How to Care For and Raise Backyard Ducks

a duck and her baby ducks in the backyard

Raising Ducks – Needs, Nutrition, and Benefits When it comes to baby animals, it’s hard to find anything cuter than a baby duck.  Those sweet little baby ducks can become VERY HARD TO RESIST when you start thinking about establishing or adding to your flock.  Ducks are wonderful additions to any backyard flock but they […]