How to Feed Ewes Through Breeding, Pregnancy and Lactation

shorn black faced sheep in pasture

Raising sheep can be a very rewarding venture and there’s nothing quite like a barn full of lambs. There are a few things that every shepherd/ess needs to know before they dive into lambing. This article will provide you with an easy reference for facts about breeding and feeding recommendations for each stage of reproduction. […]

What are the Differences Between Sheep and Goats?

sheep and goats eating grass on pasture

It is easy to see the similarities between sheep and goats. They are both small ruminants and look similar to each other in size and weight. They can also have similar mannerisms and personalities. To the untrained eye, they seem to be almost the same, right? Actually, sheep and goats are very different in many […]

Goat Management: Maintaining Wethers and Easy Keepers

brown and white boer goats on pasture

Diets are hard. Diets are especially hard when you have soft little muzzles begging you for treats. As difficult as it is, managing your herd so that they don’t become overweight is just as important as managing your herd so that they don’t become underweight. Over conditioning can cause a myriad of issues ranging from […]

Caring for Sheep

sheep grazing on pasture up close

Sheep Characteristics Sheep, like goats, are considered prey animals. They prefer to be in a herd to feel safe from predators. This instinct makes them skittish around people and other animals, resulting in sheep flocking close together. When comparing how to care for sheep versus goats, there are many similarities, but there are some slight […]

Feeding Practices in Sheep: What Do They Eat?

sheep grazing on pasture

What Do Sheep Eat? Sheep are ruminants, which means they have one stomach with four compartments. Some farmers that raise sheep will strictly raise them on pasture. Sheep can meet their nutrient requirements by mainly consuming forages on pasture, and in colder months, good quality hay. However, supplementing their diet with grain products and minerals […]

Trimming Your Goat’s Hooves

Boer Goat Head

Hoof trimming – one of the least favorite jobs to successfully raising goats, but one that is necessary.  Without a doubt, hoof trimming is an acquired skill that takes quite a bit of practice to perfect. Hooves that are overgrown will turn under around the sides and grow out in front like elf shoes. A […]

Safe Treats for Your Goats

Kalmbach Goat Article May 24th, 2022

While a goat’s diet should be primarily good quality forage and a fortified goat feed or mineral product, treats are something you can use to build a bond with your goat. Watching them enthusiastically munch on treats is also a rewarding experience as a goat owner. Here are a few things that are important to think […]

Feeding and Managing the Spring Lamb

White lamb and sheep on green pasture

Lambing can happen in different seasons, but spring lambing falls around Easter and can add some additional excitement to the official ending of winter. When born in the spring, lambs thrive due to the mild temperatures and the fast-growing quality pastures. Similarly, the lambs are also growing fast, so their nutrition needs to focus on […]

Understanding How to Evaluate Body Condition in Your Goat Herd

two goats in a pasture

Learning and understanding how to evaluate your goats’ body condition is one of the most important tools a herds(wo)man can have in their toolkit. Poor body condition can clue you in on overall herd health and potential underlying illnesses. It can also reveal heavy parasite burden and significant nutritional deficiencies. By maintaining an adequate Body […]

Tips and Tricks: How to Care for Goats in Cold Weather

goat kid in the snow

As temperatures begin to drop, winter preparation makes its way to the top of any herds(wo)man’s priority list. Providing your goats with adequate shelter and making sure that clean, fresh water is available is most important during freezing temperatures. Goats are very hardy and acclimate to cold weather as fall comes to an end, but […]