Caring for a Pregnant Pig

Photo of pregnant pig eating grass

Whether you have a couple of sows in your backyard or operate a large-scale commercial operation, you know that every healthy, productive pig starts with a healthy, productive sow. Providing your sows the care they need is not only essential for their well-being, but also their longevity, number of piglets weaned, piglet health, and the […]

Everything To Know About Weaning Piglets

Piglets feeding in a nursery

One of the most critical times in a pig’s life is weaning. They are often moved to a new environment, given new roommates and transitioned from milk to solid feed for the first time. All of these changes at one time can be very stressful for a young pig. It is estimated that a 1-pound […]

Understanding Mini and Potbellied Pigs

Mini Pig being held by its owner

How to Decide if a Mini or Potbellied Pig is the Right Pet for You? If you are on the fence about getting a mini pig as your next pet, rule number one is to do your research! My first experience with a pot belly pig was when someone with good intentions did not do their research […]