October Is National Pork Month!

Kalmbach Feeds swine research facility in ohio

On behalf of celebrating this month, we wanted to say “hello” and introduce you to our growing swine team here at Kalmbach Feeds. Our main goal at Kalmbach Feeds is to provide the most innovative, quality pig feeds and technical services to our dealers and pig owners. We have a great swine nutrition team that […]

LifeGuard® Swine- What Is It and How Does It Help Your Pig?

piglet in a commercial pig barn

Pigs are amazing animals. They are intelligent and tough, but are often very playful and sweet, too. Whether you are raising a few pigs in your backyard or have a couple as pets, it doesn’t take long to get a glimpse of their bright personalities that make them such a joy to be around. At […]

A Feeding Guide for Pigs Throughout Their Life Stages

yorkshire pig smiling

Are you toying around with the idea of getting pigs? Are you new to raising pigs and want to make sure you are feeding them as best as you can? We understand there can be an overwhelming amount of information out there when you are trying to figure out what to feed. It’s not always […]

Types of Pig Feeds & How to Choose the Right Kind

two weaned pigs walking in a pen for pigs

Pig feeds today can come in a number of different forms. Kalmbach Feeds® makes pig feeds that come in multiple sizes of pellets, as well as meal feeds and even cubes. It may leave you asking yourself which one is best for your pigs.  What are the different types of pig feed? Variables such as […]

Caring for a Pregnant Pig

Photo of pregnant pig eating grass

Whether you have a couple of sows in your backyard or operate a large-scale commercial operation, you know that every healthy, productive pig starts with a healthy, productive sow. Providing your sows the care they need is not only essential for their well-being, but also their longevity, number of piglets weaned, piglet health, and the […]

Everything To Know About Weaning Piglets

Piglets feeding in a nursery

One of the most critical times in a pig’s life is weaning. They are often moved to a new environment, given new roommates and transitioned from milk to solid feed for the first time. All of these changes at one time can be very stressful for a young pig. It is estimated that a 1-pound […]

Understanding Mini and Potbellied Pigs

Mini Pig being held by its owner

How to Decide if a Mini or Potbellied Pig is the Right Pet for You? If you are on the fence about getting a mini pig as your next pet, rule number one is to do your research! My first experience with a pot belly pig was when someone with good intentions did not do their research […]