Our Quality Standards for Rabbit Feed Manufacturing

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  • We have a team of nutritionists with advanced degrees that balance and formulate our rabbit food products.
  • We consult with a rabbit veterinarian and nutritionist who review and approve our formulations.
  • All of our rabbit feeds are corn-free.
  • Special clean out and manufacturing protocols are in place specifically for rabbit food products to ensure that there is no corn contamination.
  • Our feeds are formulated above the National Research Council (NRC) minimum vitamin and mineral requirements to ensure that adequate nutrition is provided for optimal health and performance.
  • Our formulations are fixed which means our formulas and ingredients do not change week to week like many of our competitors.
  • We regularly test incoming ingredients (including grain and grain by-products) to ensure consistent quality.
  • All of our rabbit feeds are made in a single mill – the same clean facility where our horse feeds are manufactured.
  • Every bag of rabbit feeds go through a metal detector prior to being received into inventory.
  • We maintain samples and production records from every lot of feed that we manufacture.
  • Our tags meet the requirements set for by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).
  • We complete regular FDA sanctioned audits.
  • We complete regular state sanctioned audits.
  • We complete annual third-part audits to maintain certifications for HACCP and RUPP.
  • We complete regular internal audits.
  • We uphold regulations set forth by the FDA, AAFCO, and the regulatory authorities in every state where our products are carried and sold.
  • All of our products are guaranteed. We warrant that our products conform to label descriptions, comply with applicable state and federal laws, and are fit for the purposes referred to in the “Directions for Use”. If a product fails to conform to our warranty, we will replace the product.
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