20% Ostrich and Emu Pellet

Formulated for growing ratites, breeding ratites and as a maintenance diet when fed according to the directions.

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UPC: 846336007012
Size: 50 lb
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Features and Benefits

  • Specialized formula containing ingredients that are essential in a ratite diet
  • High fiber diet specific to the unique digestion of ratites
  • May also be used as a breeder diet with the addition of oyster shells


Crude Protein


Crude Fat


Crude Fiber


Growing Ratites: Feed free-choice to growing ratites as sole ration from three weeks to maturity.

Breeders: Mix 2 lb of oyster shell with each 50 lb bag of 20% Ratite Grower/Breeder to ensure adequate calcium for eggshell production.

Maintenance: Mix 50 lb of good quality oats with 100 lb of 20% Ratite Grower/Breeder and with 1 lb of oyster shell to make a maintenance diet.


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