Booner Block

A flavored supplement block for deer and other wildlife! Available in apple and persimmon flavors. Designed to feed year round.

Product Code: AKBBAP10 (Apple), AKBBPS10 (Persimmon)
UPC: 747101000965 (Apple), 747101000972 (Persimmon)
Size: 10 lb
Product Form:

Features and Benefits

  • Available in apple or persimmon flavors
  • Long-range attraction
  • Use year-round to keep deer on your property
  • Formulated with Nutraction™:  state-of-the-art nutrition + unmatched attraction

Place along trails, water sources and other frequently inhabited areas. Consumption will vary depending on the quality of the available natural browse. For best results, check feeding locations weekly and replenish blocks as needed. Always check with local wildlife authorities before feeding this product.

Contains added copper. Do not feed to sheep.


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