Generations™ Calf Magic Starter 16

A 16% calf starter mini pellet designed for calves from birth through weaning. Medicated to prevent coccidiosis.

Product Code: 303D
Size: 50 lb
Product Form:
Medicated: Decoquinate (27.2g/ton) & Diflubenzuron (9.1 g/ton)

Features and Benefits

  • Highly palatable formula in a mini pellet form to encourage early feed intake
  • Added probiotics and chelated trace minerals
  • A high fiber formula to decrease amount of roughage that needs to be fed


Crude Protein


Crude Fat


Crude Fiber


Feed Calf Magic Starter 16 beginning at day 3 to calves at the rate of 1.67 lb per 100 lb of bodyweight to provide 22.7 mg of decoquinate per 100 lb of bodyweight. Place fresh feed in front of the calves daily.

Do not feed to cows producing milk for food.


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