Foal Paste

Formerly Advance Paste® (same formula), Foal Paste is an oral paste packed with critical nutrients and probiotics for horses of all ages.

Product Code: 9009CASE
UPC: 846336006985
Size: 32 cc tube
Product Form:

Features and Benefits

  • Provides critical nutrients for horses, especially foals, during times of stress
  • Supplies nutrients that may be deficient in mare’s milk for faster-growing foals who have greater risk for D.O.D.
  • Higher levels of vitamins A, E and C to support immunity.


Appropriate for Ages

1 week & older

Newborn Foals: Give 3 cc of Foal Paste per 100 lb of body weight once a day starting at one week of age. Continue using Foal Paste as directed until the foal is consuming recommended amount of Foal Foundation™.

All Horses: Give 3 cc of Foal Paste per 100 lb of body weight per day during times of stress (evidence of developmental orthopedic disease, intestinal stress, illness, transport or antibiotic therapy, etc).


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