Opti-Ferm® Lix 18% Dry Cow Vit. E

A low moisture cooked tub for non-lactating dairy cattle.

Product Code: ODC18E
Size: 200 lb
Product Form:

Features and Benefits

  • High level of molasses and added fat provides food for the rumen bugs to help speed up the rate of passage of feedstuffs through the animals’ digestive system
  • Increases saliva production and helps improve the digestive environment in the rumen
  • Guaranteed mineral and high vitamin levels to help replenish the cows stores of minerals, trace minerals, and vitamins. Helps develop strong, healthy newborn calves and quality colostrum while helping prevent retained placentas and other related problems


Crude Protein


Crude Fat


Crude Fiber


Feed Opti-Ferm® Lix 18% Dry Cow Vit. E to dairy cows during the dry period with low calcium forages until two weeks prior to freshening. Place tub in a dry location near the animal’s source of water, salt, mineral or loafing area.


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