Pride & Pleasure 32% Floating Catfish Food

This food is designed to be fed as a fingerling/finisher food to maximize efficient production of healthy catfish and other farm pond fish.

Product Code: CATFISH
Size: 50 lb
Product Form:

Features and Benefits

  • Supplements the natural feeds present in lakes or ponds
  • Gives a greater yield from ponds
  • Fortified with vitamins to ensure fish are receiving a balance of nutrients to support rapid and efficient growth


Crude Protein


Crude Fat


Crude Fiber


Feed once a day, either early morning or late afternoon at four feeding stations per acre. Broadcasting of feed should always take place at same time and from same location. Feed approximately the amount they will clean up in 20-30 minutes or at the rate of 3-5% of the bodyweight of fish per day. Depending on feeding activity of fish, increase or decrease amount accordingly. Reduce amount of feed when water temperature drops below 55°F.

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