Sweetlix® MŌL-MAG® Pressed Block

A free-choice block for beef cattle on pasture.

Product Code: SL721
Size: 40 lb
Product Form:

Features and Benefits

  • Provides magnesium to cows susceptible to grass tetany
  • Highly palatable to reliably deliver needed nutrients to grazing cattle
  • Convenient, weather-resistant pressed blocks require no special feeders or shelter


  • Feed 1 block per 5 – 15 head of cattle. This allows all animals equal access to blocks.
  • Place blocks where animals congregate. Locate blocks throughout pasture, placing them near water and loafing areas. Maintain adequate distance between blocks (10 ft. minimum).
  • Do not allow animals to run out of blocks. When a block is half-consumed, place a new block near it. Place very small pieces in troughs or feed pans.
  • Cattle should consume approximately 5 oz. per head daily. When cattle consume the block at the recommended rate, it will supply 3 mg of supplemental selenium and 19 g of supplemental magnesium.
  • Blocks can be fed to animals in confinement. Exact location of blocks to obtain desired consumption will vary between confinement feeding programs.
  • Feed as the only FREE CHOICE source of salt, other minerals and vitamins.

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