Winners Full Fill™

A specialized formula designed to provide extra fill for the finishing stages of show pig production and to provide high levels of nutrition during times of reduced weight gains.

Product Code: 270FOC
UPC: 846336002109
Size: 50 lb
Product Form:
Seasonal: March – October

Features and Benefits

  • Versatile formula that can be used as a supplement or a complete feed to quickly achieve show ready look and bloom
  • High in energy supplied by a winning blend of full fat extruded soybean meal, vegetable fat, flax and tallow to give pigs fresh shape and a smooth finish
  • Superior protein sources, including dried egg and whey, supply an exact blend of amino acids ideal for developing added muscle mass while allowing pigs to put on cover
  • High vitamin levels plus chelated and organic mineral fortification support immune health and combat stress

Crude Protein


Crude Fat


Crude Fiber


Winners Full Fill can be fed as a complete feed or used as a supplement for managing weight gain and body condition for show pigs. Feed 2-6 pounds per head per day as a complete feed or feed 2-2 ½ pounds per head per day along with Formula of Champions swine feed to achieve desired gain and cover.

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