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Chlortetracycline 10 Gram Pellets

Follow FDA guidelines when mixing or top-dressing medications with feed.

Product Code: 9150CTC

Size: 50 lb.

Product Form: 

VFD Required: YES

Features and Benefits

Use for the control of infectious synovitis, chronic respiratory disease and air sac infection; for the aid in prevention of coccidiosis; for the reduction of mortality in poultry
For the control of infectious synovitis, hexamitiasis, and complicating bacterial organisms associated with bluecomb; reduction of mortality due to paratyphoid in turkeys
For the control and treatment of fowl cholera in ducks
For reducing the incidence of cervical lymphadenitis, the control of leptospirosis, treatment of bacterial enteritis, control of porcine proliferative enteropathies in swine
For the treatment of bacterial enteritis, further reduction of liver absesses, control and treatment of bacterial pneumonia, control of active infection of anaplasmosis, and prevention of coccidiosis in cattle
For the reduction of incidence of vibrionic abortion in sheep
For the treatment of psittacosis in psittacine birds