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Smooth Design 18 Pellet Dewormer

A truly modern and complete grower/finisher that keeps pigs on target until they hit the show ring. Perfectly balanced protein and energy levels to develop the correct balance of muscle, body and finish in today’s show pigs.

Product Code: 218FOCPS

Size: 50 lb.

Product Form: 

Medicated: Safeguard® (Fenbendazole) 76 g/ton

Features and Benefits

Formulated with same nutritional benefits of Smooth Design 18 Pellet (218FOCP) and combined with the broadest spectrum dewormer available
Safeguard® kills a wide variety of adult gastrointestinal parasites and important larvae to ensure that pigs stay healthy and reach their genetic potential
Keeps growing pigs on a high nutritional plane while breaking the link between parasites and performance so that pigs get off to a faster start
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