Why You Should Choose Kalmbach® Chicken Feeds

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Keeping backyard chickens is a wonderful experience. The health and productivity of our birds is often our top priority. Handing a carton of beautiful fresh eggs to our family, friends, and neighbors is often our proudest moment as backyard chicken keepers. It’s our best way of saying, “We care and we love our birds!”

One of the most effective ways to keep your flock healthy and productive is to choose a high-quality feed that is formulated for your specific type of poultry. Kalmbach Feeds® has a great lineup of poultry feeds that will meet the needs of ALL our customers. We truly do have something for everyone. Let’s discuss some of the great reasons why you want to choose a Kalmbach® poultry product.

Kalmbach® Poultry Feeds are High Quality

Kalmbach® poultry feeds are premium quality products. We only use the highest quality ingredients when making our feeds and we have an entire team that works hard to source the best quality ingredients from trusted suppliers. As an Ohio-based company, we also have the wonderful privilege of buying a large portion of our grain and protein sources from local farmers and suppliers.

Our manufacturing team works hard to ensure our products meet our quality standards. We voluntarily comply with some of the highest quality standards in the industry and routinely conduct audits and testing to ensure all of our ingredients and finished products meet those standards. Just open a bag of Kalmbach® poultry feed and you can see and smell the difference!

Kalmbach® Poultry Feeds are Fixed Formulation

What is fixed formulation? Fixed formulation means that the nutrient profile and, most importantly, the ingredients used to make that poultry feed do not change on a routine basis. This means that each time you open a bag of chicken or other poultry feed, the product in that bags looks and smells the same! Consistency in nutrition is one of the best ways to help your birds keep their digestive tracts in tip-top shape. Healthy birds live happier and more productive lives!

Nutritionists and formulators, like me, use computer programs that balance the nutrient requirements of chickens vs. the ingredient costs. The costs of ingredients change on a routine basis - some ingredients can change daily! It is a common practice in our industry to “least-cost” formulas to keep the feed as inexpensive as possible. This practice is most effective if your primary goal is to have an inexpensive bag of feed. However, least-cost chicken feeds have the potential to cause large swings in ingredient inclusions and inconsistency in the nutrition of the feed. Because consistency in nutrition is so important to Kalmbach Feeds®, we DO NOT least-cost our bagged chicken and other poultry feeds on a routine basis. We truly believe that fixed formulation is the best way to provide consistent, high-quality nutrition to your birds. This consistent, high-quality nutrition is also the best way to help your birds produce at their peak potential.

Kalmbach Feeds® is Tailored Nutrition

The physiological process of growing and the physiological process of producing eggs requires a lot of nutrients. Different types of poultry also have very specific nutrient requirements. Laying hens need large amounts of calcium for egg shell production. Broiler chickens and turkeys need large amounts of energy and lysine to produce body mass. Ducks need extra niacin for strong legs. Gamebirds need higher fiber and lower energy to stay lean so they can successfully flush. There are many different factors to consider when choosing the right nutrition for your flock. At Kalmbach Feeds®, we have tailored our nutrition to meet the specific nutrient needs of lots of different types of poultry. We truly do have something for everyone. Check out our great lineup, which also includes non-GMO and USDA Certified Organic poultry feed options.

If you need help picking the right feed for your flock of laying hens, check out our article What to Feed Laying Hens. There is a quiz at the end of that article that can help you choose the right feed for your flock.

Kalmbach Feeds® Has a 100% Money Back Guarantee

We want everyone to try our great lineup of Kalmbach® poultry feeds. These are great feeds, and we are proud to put our stamp on each bag. If you’re on-the-fence about making the switch from your current brand of poultry feed, take advantage of our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t love the product, you can return it for a full refund.

Keeping poultry is such a wonderful experience and the rewards are many! At Kalmbach Feeds®, we are always here to help. If you have any questions about the nutrient needs of your birds, feed options, or general poultry keeping, please let us know. We are so excited to continue writing about all of the topics that are important to you and can’t wait to continue learning about your flocks. Stay tuned and thank you for choosing Kalmbach Feeds®!


Nancy Jefferson, Ph.D.

Dr. Nancy Jefferson has been a member of the Nutrition and Technical Services team at Kalmbach Feeds since 2013. She received her Ph.D. from West Virginia University in 2008 and has worked in the feed industry for over 15 years. She lives on a farm in Crown City, OH with her husband, John, and their children. Dr. Jefferson is a passionate poultry enthusiast and loves her chickens! Together, she and her family raise beef cattle and she keeps an ever-growing flock of backyard chickens.