Our Philosophy On Stewardship

As human beings, community members, and citizens, we want to find a way to make a difference. We want to find fulfillment in the work we do, and we want to make the world a better place for our children, neighbors, and future generations. Part of being a good citizen means that we care about our environmental impact and that we use the resources God has given us more efficiently.

As an agri-business, we believe practicing good stewardship is critical in our industry. Our ability to produce food that is sustainable, safe, and cost effective will have a significant impact on global resource availability and the standard of living for billions of people.

For each of our stewardship initiatives, we evaluate and measure our impact based on three criteria – these are the three C’s of Stewardship.


Is it good for our customers and consumers? Does this initiative improve the quality and performance of our products? Does it help us create a better overall value and improve the standard of living for others? Does it help make our products safer? Does it help the consumer improve their stewardship impact – for example, easier recycling? These are the types of questions that we ask ourselves to make sure these projects are not just about marketing, but truly improve our customers’ impact and experience.


Is it good for the environment and our community? How do we reduce our energy and resource use? How do we reduce waste? Can we help animals be more efficient so that they don’t use as many resources? How do we more responsibly source our ingredients? How do we maximize what we source from the US to support the economy and local farmers? Ultimately, how do we serve as good stewards of our environment while reducing the resources we use to create our products?


Is it good for our company? Does this improve the opportunities for our team members? Does it help us be more efficient and grow as an organization? Initiatives that aren’t good for the organization will not be sustained long term, and as a third-generation family business, we want to have a sustained Stewardship Impact for generations to come!

Our Initiatives

Eliminating Landfill Waste

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Packaging Improvements

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No More Feed Tags!

Check out this short video about our decision to remove paper feed tags from our feed bags.


Renewable Solar Energy Project

Learn about our new solar panels that provide 30% of our total power needs and help lessen emissions and pressure on our power grid.