Return Policy


We at Kalmbach Feeds realize there are times when it is necessary to return packaged/bagged product. It is our goal to handle these product returns in an equitable manner. Therefore, we have established the following product return policy:

1. WITHIN 30 DAYS OF PURCHASE – 100% credit or product replacement will be given for bagged product returned as a result of defective manufacturing or as a result of an error by Kalmbach Feeds in processing your order.

2. WITHIN 30 DAYS OF PURCHASE – A credit will be issued less a 25% processing fee for non-defective product returns. This would include feed purchased and not used or re-sold.

3. AFTER 30 DAYS OF PURCHASE – These returns will be reviewed on an individual basis by Kalmbach Feeds and a determination made based upon the circumstances. We at Kalmbach Feeds realize returns are unavoidable; however, we are committed to providing a consistent, quality product coupled with superior customer service and support. *Kalmbach Feeds Inc. reserves the right in all cases to refuse a return due to bio-security risk.


Here are the steps that you, as a customer, can take in the event that a return is necessary.

1. Call Customer Service – Call one of our Customer Service Representatives at 888-771-1250 and acquire a Feed Return Number (FRN).

2. Include FRN with Shipping Paperwork – Include the Feed Return Number on any documentation that you are returning with the product.