Kalmbach Feeds Nutritionist Awarded Young Cattleman of the Year Honor

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Kyle Nickles of Sycamore, OH was honored as the Young Cattleman of the Year Award.

Ohio Cattleman's Association and Ohio Farmer jointly sponsor the Young Cattleman of the Year Award, which was created to recognize young producers in Ohio working to better the beef industry. The award presentation featured a video of Kyle Nickles that was sponsored by Heffelfinger’s Meats, Inc.

Nickles helps his father Doug in the operation of Wooden Nickle Farm. Alongside Nickles is his wife, Audrey, and their daughter, Claire. Together, the family runs an 80 head cattle operation on 150 acres of pasture north of Loudonville, Ohio. Nickles continues to better the quality of phenotypic and genotypic characteristics by looking for good growth and high marbling and grading traits within the cattle. Wooden Nickle Farm feeds out around 100 head a year and privately sells market and breeding animals. He also consigns animals at the seedstock sales during the Ohio Beef Expo, but has a goal of also hosting a production sale. While continuing to be innovative in his own day-to-day operations, Nickles plans to stay involved in various aspects of the industry.

Kyle is a Kalmbach Feeds Nutritionist and Sales Representative.