LifeGuard® Swine- What Is It and How Does It Help Your Pig?

piglet in a commercial pig barn

Pigs are amazing animals. They are intelligent and tough, but are often very playful and sweet, too. Whether you are raising a few pigs in your backyard or have a couple as pets, it doesn’t take long to get a glimpse of their bright personalities that make them such a joy to be around. At Kalmbach Feeds®, we love pigs, which is why we dedicate our lives to taking care of them. We genuinely want to help them live their happiest, healthiest piggy lives! One of the best ways we know to do this is to support and promote a healthy gut in your animals. That is why we are proud to take the extra step of providing LifeGuard® technology in all our pig feeds to support your pig’s gut health and immunity. Pigs are monogastrics, which is just another way of saying they have very similar digestive systems to humans. Because of this, you may recognize a lot of the ingredients and terms we use to describe our LifeGuard® technology as ones used in human health, as well. Our main goal with LifeGuard® is to feed your pigs quality ingredients that focus on their intestinal microflora, giving their body the best ability to break down food, which will release energy and support their immune health by protecting them against germs. This allows your pig’s overall health to work most efficiently and effectively. LifeGuard® Swine is comprised of prebiotics, probiotics, essential oils and organic trace minerals.


Probiotics are valuable bacteria and/or fungi that help make your pig’s gut healthier. They do this by crowding out pathogenic microbes, producing healthful substances for the pig, and by helping digest food. Prebiotics provide food (in the form of soluble fiber) for these good bacteria to help them work optimally. Feeding these ingredients aids in keeping your pig’s gut and intestinal lining healthy, which positively stimulates their immune system.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are super concentrated and specific compounds extracted from plants. Dietary essential oils can benefit gut health in a variety of ways, including further improving digestion and increasing the good bacteria in your pig’s digestive tract, which will help prevent and sooth possible intestinal irritations. Essential oils can also be powerful antioxidants, which bolster your pig’s immunity and well-being.

Organic Trace Minerals

An inorganic mineral (one that is not attached to carbon) is relatively easy to produce and administer in feeds, like sulfates and oxides. They can be useful for animals and are used frequently, but can have limitations on how far they can help your animals. Therefore, we take advantage of the additional benefit provided by organic trace minerals, as well as natural Vitamin E. Organic trace minerals, which is any trace mineral linked to a carbon-containing molecule, are more easily absorbed by animals as compared to inorganic minerals. This can be especially helpful for minerals that are vital to your pig’s wellness. All these ingredients are research proven in our own facilities with our own pigs. Thus, further ensuring quality ingredients are used in recognized, proper combinations and dosages for the most impact in benefiting pig health. We feel so strongly about maintaining the well-being of your pigs that we offer the LifeGuard® technology in our feeds for all classes and ages of pigs. Look for the LifeGuard® Swine badge proudly stamped on your feed bag!

Julie Salyer

Hi there, my name is Julie, and I am on the Swine Nutrition team here at Kalmbach Feeds®. A few things about me: I’m a wife, mom, and I haven’t met a pig I don’t like. Much of my adult life has been spent surrounded by pigs and learning as much as I can about them. While a lot of that time has been with commercial pigs, my first experience was with a miniature pig when I was about 6 years old.