Constant Comfort® Total Gut Health System

The very first gut health system to help soothe and support your horse 24/7! Allow free-choice access to the Constant Comfort® block and add the Constant Comfort® Plus topdress to your horse’s regular feedings and before times of stress.

Product Code: 9900CC & Y9014BLK
Size: Constant Comfort® Plus (40 lb), Constant Comfort® Block (15 lb)
Product Form: ,

Features and Benefits

  • Formulated with Seaweed Derived Calcium to help maintain proper stomach pH.
  • Contains Aloe Vera, Glutamine and Lecithin, which can help soothe the stomach.
  • Added Equi-Ferm XL®, a pre- & probiotic, supports hindgut health.
  • When used together, the Constant Comfort gut health system offers your horse 24/7 support.

Constant Comfort® Plus:

Body Weight (lb)Cups* Per Meal
Less than 5000.50
500- 8000.75
900 – 12001.00
1,300 – 1,7001.50
1,800 – 2,0002.00

*Standard 8 oz measuring cup when measured by volume. Feed 2-4 times per day. May be fed for additional support before stressful situations, such as pre-exercise or travel.

Constant Comfort® Block:
To help soothe and support your horse 24/7, offer the Constant Comfort® block free-choice.
*Individual consumption rates will vary. Target intake is 12 oz daily per 1,000 lb body weight.

Tips for introducing this block:
– Horses will self-regulate block intake over time.
– To prevent overconsumption when first introduced, offer the block after regular feedings and monitor intake.
– For horses consuming the block too quickly, offer it for short periods throughout the day and slowly increase offer time over several days.

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