Constant Comfort® Paste

An oral paste supplement formulated for gut support in horses of all ages. 
Product Code: 9010CASE
UPC: 846336007111
Size: 60 cc per tube
Product Form: Paste
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  • Formulated with Seaweed Derived Calcium to help
    maintain proper stomach pH.
  • Contains Aloe Vera, Glutamine and Lecithin, which can help soothe the stomach.
  • Added pre- & probiotics, to support hindgut health.
  • When used with the Constant Comfort® block, this system offers your horse 24/7 support.
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16% Organic Soy & Corn-Free Layer Feed

A textured, nutritionally complete chicken feed that’s USDA Certified Organic and designed to meet the needs of your laying hens.

Feeding Instructions

Give 3 cc of Constant Comfort® Paste per 100 pounds of body weight for maintenance of 6 cc per 100 pounds of body weight during times of stress. Can be administered 1 to 4 times per day, or on an as-needed basis.

Guaranteed Analysis


  • Seaweed Derived Calcium 20.00 g
  • Glutamine 5.00 g
  • Aloe Extract 2.50 g
  • Lecithin 0.50 g
  • Enterococcus faecium M74 20 billion CFU
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INACTIVE Ingredients:

Citric Acid, Mixed Tocopherols, Silicon Dioxide, Soy Oil, Sorbitan Monostearate, and Vinegar.

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