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Equi-Ferm XL®

A palatable, pelleted supplement designed to improve the digestibility of feeds and provide nutritional benefits to horses.  Can be top-dressed or mixed into a balanced diet.  Contains a current strain of the live yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae (CNCM 1-1077) selected through laboratory screening of hundreds of strains.

Product Code: 9900EF

Size: 7.5 lb

Product Form: 

Features and Benefits

Microencapsulated - resulting in improved stability for the live yeast during processing and passage through the GI tract.
Improves the digestibility of the total diet by supporting the growth of beneficial fiber-digesting bacteria.
Stabilizes hindgut pH by promoting the growth & activity of beneficial bacteria, even during stress and the feeding of high sugar/starch diets.
Provides a direct source of nutrients (vitamins, amino acids) to the beneficial bacteria.
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