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Power Takeoff

A highly palatable creep/starter feed formulated for lambs up to 90 lbs.; may also be useful in easier-fleshing breeds at any size. Medicated for the prevention of coccidiosis caused by Eimeria ovinoidalis, Eimeria parva, Eimeria bakuensis and Eimeria crandallis.

Product Code: T6920FOC

Size: 50 lb

Product Form: 

Medicated: Decoquinate (54.4 g/ton)

Seasonal: No

VFD Required: No

Features and Benefits

Specialized proteins that provide the optimum balance of amino acids to augment muscle development and wool quality
Contains a blend of steam flaked and processed grains for improved digtestibility and energy utilization
Offers chelated trace minerals for improved absorption and high vitamin fortification to combat show stress
Direct-fed microbials to provide optimal health and performance
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